Carrie Nash

Carrie was born and raised in Fairbanks, and she and her husband Art are raising three children who experience various needs. She has worked in all five of the large school districts in our state, in addition to her time with UAF and UAS.

Carrie and her family have participated in various services ACCA offers. Her roots with ACCA are deep; her mom provided physical therapy to children enrolled in ACCA programs in the early years of ACCA’s existence.

Carrie’s passion for working with individuals with special needs as well as her experience as a teacher and parent of children who experience disabilities has proved helpful as she participates in board activities. As Carrie advocates for individuals with special needs, she continues to feel passionate about breaking down barriers, reducing discrimination and finding adequate resources for individuals and families. Carrie and her family have been active in realizing the dream of an accessible play ground in Fairbanks.