Isaac Bush

When Isaac was born he was diagnosed with multiple disabilities. The doctors told his parents to love him but accept he would not live long. He has continually surprised medical professionals as he leads a productive life as an active member of the community. Doctors said that he would be non-verbal yet he has done public speaking and advocacy throughout the state. As a young teen, Isaac was a guest page on the floor of the state Senate during one of his trips to Juneau.

Isaac graduated from high school in 2002 with honors. He received the Presidential Award of Excellence and also earned the gold medallion given for earning over 24 credits. Isaac spent three years in J.R.O.T.C. (he earned staff-sergeant stripes), and three years as manager for the Lathrop High School football team. He devoted his senior year to student council and graduating.

Isaac has been on the board of ACCA for twelve years and is a graduate of ACCA’s Infant Learning Program. He has a part time job and enjoys being involved in his community in various ways such as in sports, his church, and advocacy for others as well as self-advocacy. During the winters, Isaac can be found at all home games for the Fairbanks Ice Dogs!